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This software is completely free, allows fans of the lottery to obtain a series of random numbers or put the touch of a button, and then, to print the numbers obtained by being able to play in the Receivership. You can now choose the range of numbers that can be extracted, from default is 1 to 49, even or odd.


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Update to version (1.5.1) and play with Megamillions five numbers lottery. 

You can choose to extract one jolly number or random color to complete compatibility with world's lotteries.

Available languages:

English - Deutsch - Italiano - Nederlands - Español

Romanian - Hungarian - Français - Brazilian Portuguese


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Special thaks to:

A&A for localization, beta-testing and support of The Lottery's development

 Mircea & Cris - Romanian translation

Lajos Toldy - Hungarian translation

Domlutry  - French translation

Pamela  - French translation

Helio - Brazilian Portuguese translation

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Version 1.6.0 Fixed - new random engine - two rows on screen
Version 1.5.2 Fixed - new random engine
Version 1.5.0- Update 2012 you now chose how numbers to extract (1/6) and play megamillion type lottery
Version 1.4.1- Change Graphics and animation theme,
Version 1.4.0- How you can chose language menu
Version 1.3.1- updated graphics and processing algorithm

Version 1.3.0 - The lottery save in .cfg file the user conditions and generate one jolly number or a random color complete compatibility with world's lotteries.

Version 1.2.0 - Now you can generate a series of odd or even numbers
Version 1.1.0 - Added ability to choose the range of numbers drawn to suit the lotteries in the world
Version - English Version
Version - Adding a new condition for the extraction of numbers based on a name or phrase.
Version - Version of onset with some bug. Excellent response from Internet users

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